If there’s one thing I know about Nicole it is that she is passionate. You can tell that she places care into every client she has. She has captured beautiful moments for my dance company. Her movement photography skills continue to grow because she is dedicated to finding perfection within her craft. I would highly recommend working with her.
- Chloé Gray of Fun Girl

Nicole is an awesome person to work with and takes beautiful photos. She’s very open to ideas from the client as well and one of the most creative local photographers I’ve ever come across. Her attention to detail especially in the way she edits skin tones is always on point as well. If you’re looking for a photographer you can be confident with Nicole, she always makes sure you get above and beyond what’s expected, and her prices are fair!

This year I’ve had to the pleasure of working with Nicole of Dreaming Awake photography and it was nothing short of amazing. The creative vision she brings to each and every shoot is incredible. You can tell she is not only confident in her camera skills, but also her creative directing skills which helps me as a model feel more confident. She is a well rounded photographer as she tackles many different types of photography and I would highly recommend Nicole for your photography needs.
Nicole is an amazing photographer and very lovely to work with! She is very creative and has a vision for every shoot that she does. I’ve worked with her several times now and I’ve enjoyed it every single time, can’t beat the quality for the price. 

Nicole is an outstanding photographer. She has one of the most creative and beautiful minds that I have ever seen. When she has a vision she goes all in and tweaks it until it is perfection and what she wants to see. She is a very talented and organized photographer. I would recommend her to everyone who needs pictures done or wants to be part of her creative visions!               -Hayley

I have followed Nicole's work for quite some time, so when I had the opportunity to work with her, I jumped on it. Nicole is super professional and kind, and she creates such unique and beautiful concepts. Her pricing is so cheap, and you receive gorgeous photos in return. I would highly recommend working with her!

Nicole, an overall CREATIVE GEM. She is such a pleasure to work with. Her work shows for itself and the time she puts into every shoot is from the heart. I’ve been lucky enough to make some great art with her and cannot wait to do so again.
Book with her  

My experience in working with Nicole was nothing short of amazing. Upon our first shoot together I felt so welcomed and cared for. She had every intention to make me feel as comfortable as possible and was so positive towards me. We've shot many times together since then and each time it goes so smoothly and she makes it fun with her endless creativity. Every single photo edit I have received back has been amazing, there is not one I have not loved. She is professional and knows her craft well. It is easy to trust her vision. I would recommend her for any type of shoot because of her vast knowledge and experience in the field. I always leave with a smile on my face and pure joy knowing the beautiful images I will receive later on. She is a gem!
My time working with Nicole was really enjoyable. It was my first time ever doing a shoot like that and she made me feel very at ease and comfortable.  She had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve out of the pictures yet there was still space for us to be able to create together. 

Nicole was a dream to work with!! I always get nervous working with new photographers but Nicole was so warm and welcoming, all of my nerves immediately went away and the shoot went so great!! I truly can’t wait to work with her again!

Nicole is a very talented photographer and has a great personality to match! She has her own unique editing style and taste that makes her photos different from the rest. She makes her clients and models feel super comfortable and the shoots are a fun time with her which is super important for a photoshoot experience all around. Nicole is not only professional with her work, she goes above and beyond to work with others to execute different concepts and ideas to make work that hasn’t been done before. Not only have I received amazing photos from Nicole, but also gained a friend from her as well.

Normally I am a little nervous to step in front of cameras, but Nicole made the entire process so much fun for me. She makes sure you feel comfortable and will cheer you on! She is so creative, and I am so glad I was able to be apart of some of her visions. If you’re looking to do a sexy, awesome, spooky, unique shoot, Nicole is your girl! I would recommend her to anybody, and I will definitely keep booking with her! 

I worked with Nicole after I had reached out to her regarding modelling opportunities. I had been very active in the modelling industry when I was younger, but I had not had experience within the past eight years. I was very nervous and felt so rusty going into it, but Nicole immediately put me at ease. She was friendly and funny and gave clear and consistent feedback during the shoot. If you have the opportunity to work with Nicole, I highly highly recommend you do so! She is a talented and passionate photographer, and you will never regret choosing her as your photographer!

Nicole is so fun to work with! Her unique work is definitely something that has always caught my eye. She has the best ideas and is always down to make some magic. I have gone to some of her pop ups and have also worked on collaborations as well. In all settings she has been amazing and is always down to bring your vision to life. I would absolutely recommend working with her!! 
I loved to work with Nicole! She was always so energetic and knew how to keep the conversation going. I could tell she really had a vision because she was always clearly directing the models and offering advice. I look forward to working with Nicole again!

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